How Do I Install A Linksys Wireless Router?

In most cases, installing a wireless router is a simple process. Some people who are not knowledgeable about computers may feel intimidated by installing a router. The manufacturers have recognized this common anxiety or lack of knowledge and have made the installation of a router almost automatic. Even so, looking at the router and unhooked cables can be intimidating for many people. Linksys often includes a pamphlet and disk in the router package to instruct the buyer on how to install a Linksys wireless router.

Though the instruction manual for how to install a Linksys wireless router is usually a series of illustrations with minimal text to demonstrate the process, some customers may feel uneasy about the lack of written instructions. They may have expected the same type of manuals that came with the computer.

The instructions are typically easy to follow if the person proceeds step-by-step through the instructions. At some point in the instructions, the person is often instructed to insert the computer disk that came with the Linksys wireless router. If the cords are connected correctly and the computer’s wireless modem is enabled, the process should run smoothly.

However, there are times when installing a Linksys wireless router does not go as planned. Sometimes, this is a problem with the wireless modem of the computer. The modem may not be enabled. If the person has not used a wireless connection with that computer before, the person needs to check if the wireless modem is turned on.

Installing a Linksys wireless router

In some cases, the person assumed that the computer has a wireless modem and the computer does not. Since almost all laptops have wireless modems, laptop users may not think to check for one. This is especially pertinent if the person intends to use the Linksys wireless router with a desktop since not all desktop computers have wireless modems.

If the person is unsure of how to check the settings of the wireless modem or even if the computer has one, the person should call the technical service or customer service number for the computer manufacturer. The technician can answer questions and help the person make sure the wireless modem is enabled.

Another potential problem is the lack of an Internet connection. If the Internet can be used by connecting the modem directly to the computer instead of with the router, the Internet connection is working. If the Internet connection cannot be used by a direct connection, then the Internet connection is not working properly or the modem needs to be reset. In either case, the Internet service provider can help the customer resolve the Internet connection issue. A wireless router will not solve or bypass an Internet connection problem.

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