How Do I Get Weed Out Of My System Fast

Weed is also known as marijuana, cannabis or herb of peace in certain town is a substance that is widely known as a drug and is prohibited in some country to consume it. However, it is also widely use as medication purposes. If you are on medication and have no choice but to consume weed but you have a drug test in a day or two, which you have to pass in order for you to get the job, you must be thinking hard now. How do I get weed out of my system fast.

I do not condone the consumption of weed as drug but if you have to consume it due to medical reason and you need to pass the drug test, this article is for you.

Weed stays in human body for a very long time because it is fat-soluble. Therefore, it is stored in fatty tissues in the body and slowly being released and metabolized. Since the fat tissue takes a long time to leave the body, it will take a few weeks before you can pass the drug test after the last time you consume weed.

In order to get weed out of your system fast, there is a few tips that I can share with you. Such as,

i) Drink a lot of water.
We all know that by drinking a lot of water, our body will be so diluted and whenever we urinate, we are cleaning out the toxin from the body. In order to dilute the weed and get rid of it from the body, you should drink 12 to 16oz of water every hour. This will get you to the toilet and get your bladder will work harder. On the day you will be taking the drug test, it is advisable that you reduce your water consumption so that your urine will not be too diluted causing you to retake the test.

ii) Cardiovascular Exercise.
Any exercise that involves you to get active, burns fat and sweat will loosen the weed that is inside the fat cells. Remember that in order for this method to work, you will want to stop exercising at least 24 hours before the test. As the toxics in your body are now getting ready to leave the body and you do not want it to leave the body through the urine that will be used to do the drug test.

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