How Do I Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live inside your walls and consume the wood structure of it. It is a destructive pest as the wood structure that carpenter ants lived in will be hollow and weak. They often leave behind wood shavings that look like sawdust. Since carpenter ants are so destructive, it is not good to have them in your house but how do I get rid of carpenter ants? If you are planning to sell your house and you found out that it is infested with carpenter ants, it is advisable to get rid of them quickly as nobody will buy a house that is infested by carpenter ants.

Sometime the presence of winged carpenter ants are often mistaken as termites and people do not realize that their home is infected with a bigger problem such as carpenter ants. The winged carpenter ants can be an indication of how big the colony of carpenter ants in your house. If you catch a sight of hundreds of winged carpenter ants, the colony of carpenter ants is very big and established that you may need to replace the wood structure of your home after the treatment. However, once you caught a sight of the winged carpenter ants, it is advisable that you start to get rid of the carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are big and black in color, they are larger than termites and the winged carpenter ants have two pair of wings and some it do not. This is because the winged carpenter ants are the breeder carpenter ants that will lay eggs start a new colony. In order to get rid of the carpenter ants, you will have to look for their colony. Carpenter ants love moist wood, so they can usually be found around sinks, bathtubs, poorly sealed windows and the area where roof is leaking.

Try to locate their hidden nest. Spread honey on the area where you suspect is infected with the carpenter ants. Watch them as they travel back into their home structure. Tap along the baseboards and walls while listening for a hollow sound. If a nest is close by, you can hear the ants scurrying when you tap. When located the nest, drill 2cm holes into the wall and pour boric acid into the hole. You can purchase boric acid from your local hardware store.

If the infestation still continues after a few days, you should call the professional pest controller.

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