How Do I Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

You got a big fat cheque as your bonus for a great performance at work and you are thinking about how you should spend the extra money. Then you thought of your old mattress that you have been using for the past 5 years and you have decided that you are getting a new mattress. Then you start thinking, how do I get rid of an old mattress? Old mattresses usually end up in the oddest place one can imagine. By the side of the road, in the bottom of the lakes even in the parking lot and this will not be good for our earth.

The sight of an old mattress being dumped by the roadside is a pain to everyone’s eyes, not to mention that it is bad for the nature as well. It is very clear that people does not know what to do with their all mattresses. They either throws it away and treat it like a garbage or keep it in their store room for years, taking up space.

There are a few ways to get rid of your old mattress. When you bought your new mattress, make sure that you ask the store that you bought your mattress from to pick the old mattress up when they deliver the new set. Many mattress retailers now offer this service as part of the value added experience for their customer. It sometimes come free of charge and sometimes you have to pay a minimal fee. The store will usually refurbish your old mattress and will donate it to charity or they will export the refurbished mattress to other country and sell it for a lower price.

You can also give you local municipality, garbage collector or solid waste management company a call to pick up your old mattress. They will help you to pick up your old mattress but of course, you will have to make an arrangement in advance. This is usually done free of charge as you are not required to pay anything for such arrangements.

Alternatively, you can try to organize a garage sales and try to sell your old mattress along with other junks in your house. Like the old saying, a thrash to a man is a treasure to another.

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