How Do I Get Music From My Ipod Onto My Computer

As every user of Apples Ipod will know, it is very easy to transfer music and various other things like videos and also photos from the computer to the Ipod. This has been designed by the company. There seems no way in which the person who owns an Ipod will be able to send the data including music from the Ipod to the computer. This has made many people to ask the question how do I get music from my Ipod onto my computer. There are no simple answers because this is what Apple did not want people to do.

Since Apple did not want the people who buy the Ipod to be able to copy the content of the Ipod onto the computer, other people have made various programs that enable the person to transfer the content to the computer. This is not as simple as it sounds and there are also certain risks involved in it, but for a person who is badly in need of copying the files to a computer, this idea is a boon.

There are many reasons for Apple not wanting the people to transfer music into the computer, one being that it can lead to piracy, because people will buy songs on their Ipod and then transfer it to the computer and share it. The reason for people wanting to copy the files into the computer could be varied. One reason could be to realign, and also make a new song or play list. Another reason could be that the person might have bought a new computer and would like to transfer data from the Ipod to the new computer.

Usually when the Ipod is connected to the computer, the automatic auto sync occurs. This should be avoided by pressing the control and the shift key. This causes the Ipod to be shown in the itune list. Without talking your hand off the control and the shift key, the person has to wait for a pop up message and when it appears, choose the option for creating a new library.

This causes the itune window to close. Now the Ipod will be shown on the removable disk folder of the My computer icon in your computer. Once this happens, the rest of the process is similar to the copying of files from your removable disc. You can select all the files from your Ipod and then transfer them to the folder in the computer where you want the files to be sent. This is the best method of transferring songs from the Ipod to the computer.

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