How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Certain House?

There are many reasons why a person may want to know the name of the owner of a particular house. The house may have been on and off the market and someone wants to try to get a good deal on purchasing the house directly from the homeowner. Perhaps, the house is a rental and the current tenants are causing problems in the neighborhood. How do I find out who owns a certain house can be answered with a simple phone call, or use a reverse address lookup

The names of homeowners are a matter of public record. Anyone can find the name of a homeowner by contacting the county tax assessment or registrar of deeds offices and asking for the name of the homeowner. How do I find out who owns a certain house without contacting the county records offices?

The Internet offers several options for acquiring the name of the homeowner if the person has the address of the property. A phone number search website often provides the name of the homeowner with a reverse search. The problem with using this method for acquiring the homeowner’s name occurs if the property may be rented. The phone number search may provide the information for the tenant using the address for phone service instead of the actual homeowner.

Realtors have access to the names of homeowners through the MLS system. Whether or not the home is currently listed on the real estate market, a Realtor or broker can access the information on the last sale of the property and find the name of who purchased the property. Some real estate companies will provide this information if you simply call and ask for it. Others may be reluctant if they suspect that the caller is trying to circumvent the use of a Realtor for a real estate transaction.

With the popularity of real estate transactions directly through the homeowners as a way to get a better deal on the purchase, many websites are catering to these property buyers. Some websites offer search features to find the homeowner’s name. Many times, these websites do not have current information on every single property.

Even though there are several options for getting the homeowner’s name, the most effective approach is to call the county’s tax assessment or registrar of deeds offices. If the person is unsure of the county but knows the city and state, a search on a mapping website can yield the county. The person may need to zoom outwards to see the name of the county. Once the person knows the name of the county, the person can do a phone number search, search on a search engine, or call information to get the phone number for the county’s tax assessment office.

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