How Do I Euthanize My Dog At Home

To euthanize your dog is an unfortunate choice to make. Euthanizing pets at home might be illegal in your country and may not be a suitable choice of action. There are many articles available on the web that discuss the how you can euthanize your dog at home, including using carbon dioxide gas chambers, or shooting in the head, but think this through before you go ahead with it. Euthanizing your dog at home might not work at home, be messy and can put your dog in more pain.

If you feel that your dog is suffering and want to euthanize your dog, its best to consult a veterinarian. Veterinarians are trained in such procedures and are aware of how to painlessly put the animal to sleep. There are many considerations when euthanizing an animal. It is of utmost important that the animal does not suffer at the end. Usually vets give a fatal intravenous injection that painlessly puts the animal to sleep. The dosage depends on the age, size and condition of the dog.

The drug used for euthanization, pentobarbital, is a licensed drug only accessible to licensed practitioners. Using drugs at home can cause adverse effects and further harm to your dog and should not be tried. In circumstances where your dog cannot be taken to the vet, you can request an at home visit for this purpose.

Euthanasia is a topic of constant debate. Talk to your veterinarian about any treatment options available and the chances of recovery before you make this decision. Your dog’s health should be of utmost priority. It is difficult t to watch a dog in pain and might not be something that you family can endure.

Discuss the option of euthanasia with your family too. It should be planned event, so that everyone can prepare and say their goodbyes. Ask your doctor about the procedure beforehand and what to expect. It is a relief to know that euthanasia is a painless and quick procedure for animals, and for those in agony, possibly a relief. However, this is a tough decision to make so deliberate before you decide to take any action in haste.

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