How Do I Download Video Clips From The Internet?

If you see a photograph or image on the Internet that you want to save, it’s usually very easy to save it to your computer. The user simply right clicks on the image and selects “Save Picture As..” to save it as a file on the computer. But what if a user wants to save a video clip? The right click function does not usually work for videos. How do I download video clips from the internet?

Some websites make saving videos easy. Next to the video, the user may be given the option of saving the video. Not many websites make downloading video clips this easy. Many times, the only options a user is given is to embed the video in a webpage or share the video via email or social networking websites like Twitter.

Some computer programs allow users to search for video and audio files on the Internet. A program like Videoraptor allows the user to search by artist, keyword, or song title. When the search results are displayed, the user can select which files to save. The user can also change the format of the files so that the video or audio files can be played on the computer or mp3 player.

Programs like Limewire search for audio and video files that are available on the computers of other users. This can be problematic since the files can be contaminated with viruses. Also, many Internet service providers and authorities are cracking down on illegal downloads of copyrighted material like songs from purchased CD’s that are shared on these networks.

The Mozilla Firefox browser has an application that makes saving video clips from the Internet easy. Mozilla Firefox has a number of applications, called extensions, that the user can add to their Firefox browser to customize it to suit their needs. One such extension is called the Video downloader. An icon will appear on the browser when a page is open that contains a video. To save the video, simply click on the icon then left-click on the pop-up window. The pop-up window tells the user to right-click, but left-clicking prevents the user from having to change the suffix of the video file.

Video files are usually saved as FLV files. Most people will need to download a FLV player. Some FLV players are inexpensive downloads from the Internet. Before downloading an FLV player, make sure it matches the operating system that you have.

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