How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes?

When you ask to know how do I download songs onto iTunes, I assume you mean how to add songs to your iTunes library so that they can be added to an MP3 player, played on the computer, or burned to disk. Songs can be added to iTunes by purchasing them through the iTunes store, uploading them from a CD, or adding audio files that are already on the computer.

Adding songs to the iTunes library by purchasing them occurs automatically when the purchase is made. Simply browse or search the iTunes store and select the songs you would like to purchase. After the purchase is complete, the song will appear in the library.

To import songs into the iTunes library from a CD, the person needs to select the “import from CD” command. If the computer has an auto-run function enabled, the option to open the CD in iTunes may occur as soon as the CD is inserted. Otherwise, the person just needs to open the iTunes program and select “import from CD.”

To add songs on the computer to the iTunes library choose “Add Files to Library” from the File menu. A window will pop up that allows the user to select the files from the music folder to be added to the iTunes library. If the files are not in the music folder, the person can browse to find the files on the computer.

Many people do not use iTunes library even if they purchase music from iTunes. Many people find other audio programs easier to use such as Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player seems to be more user-friendly when it comes to things like importing songs to the Windows Media Player library. Windows Media Player also makes it easy to rip audio files from a CD.

A person using that program can import files from the computer and other music libraries on the computer like iTunes by selecting “Add to Library” from the Library menu. The Windows Media Player will search the computer files and add the audio files to the library.

Winamp is another popular media program. To add audio files that are on the computer to the Winamp library, from the Library menu, select “Add Media to Library.” To add songs from a CD to Winamp, simply insert the CD when Winamp is open. The program gives the user the option of ripping the CD.

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