How Do I Download Music Onto An MP3 Player?

People who have not used MP3 players before may feel slightly intimidated by setting up the MP3 player and adding music to it. This is especially true if the person is not comfortable with learning things on the computer. Therefore, a new user may need to have step-by-step instructions answering how do I download music onto an MP3 player.

Most MP3 players are designed to be easy for people to use even if the person does not have strong computer skills. For example, the iPod will download music to the iPod automatically once it is connected to the computer with the included USB cable. Other MP3 players are not often automatic, but they only take a few steps to download music.

Though MP3 players vary depending on the manufacturer, the basic process is the same. MP3 players need to be connected to the computer with the USB cable. This allows the MP3 player to acquire files from the computer. The computer usually automatically detects the device that is connected by the USB cable.

To select the MP3 player, the person may need to open the start menu on the computer and click Computer. This screen will show the MP3 player. Keeping that window open, the user should open the file for their music. This can take some time for people who are not familiar with how their music is stored on the computer. In many cases, the person only needs to select Music from the start menu to open the music library.

The user needs to select a file from the music library and drag and drop it on the window showing the MP3 player. The person may also select numerous songs and once and drop them on the MP3 player icon. If the files have not been saved with the song and artist names, the user may have difficulty identifying the songs that they want to add.

Apple suggests adding files directly from the user’s iTunes library. Even if the user does not use iTunes, music can be added from the iTunes store to the computer music library. The music can then be added from the iTunes library or computer music library.

The most time consuming part of adding music to an MP3 player is often finding the songs that the user wants to add. The user may want to take some time to open their media software, such as Windows Media Player and rename files to make them easy to find.

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