How Do I Connect My iPod To My PC?

The iPod is a popular MP3 player used to make music and video portable. When the iPod is purchased, no music or videos are on the device. The user adds the music and video on the device that the user wants to be able to enjoy with the iPod. In order to add music and video to the device, the person must connect the iPod to their computer. How do I connect my iPod to my PC?

First, an iPod user should make sure that the PC that is to be used is compatible with iPods. Many PC users may wonder if the iPod can be used with PC’s since the iPod is manufactured by Apple. The iPod can be used with PC’s and Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later computers. To use an iPod with a PC, the PC should have Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

The iPod has been designed to be very easy to use. Each iPod comes with a USB cable called a Firewire. The Firewire should be plugged into the USB port on the computer. If a desktop computer’s keyboard has a USB port, the person should use one of the USB ports on the computer instead of any USB ports on the keyboard. The USB port on the keyboard may not have enough power to set up and charge the iPod.

Some iPods come with docks that can be used to charge and add music or video files to an iPod. The iPod dock needs to be connected to the computer with the USB cable. Some users prefer the dock to remain plugged into the computer instead of leaving a USB cable plugged into the computer. Leaving the USB cable plugged in is not desired by all users, but some users want to do so especially if the USB ports are located behind the desktop PC and is difficult to reach.

Once the dock or Firewire is connected to the PC, the person is ready to set up an iPod, charge the iPod, or change the music on the iPod. The user only needs to connect the iPod to the Firewire or set the iPod in the dock. The iPod will automatically add music from the computer music library. The user may choose to add music and files manually to the iPod which allows the user to select specific files instead of adding the entire library.

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