How Do I Clean Up After An Alkaline Battery Leaks

Alkaline battery can be easily found in every household in the United States. We use it for our torchlight, our wireless mouse, remote control and a lot more household items. The alkaline battery are made out of potassium hydroxide, which is the source of the electrolyte and that is the material that usually leaks out from the battery. The potassium hydroxide paste will expand if it is exposed into an extreme heat. When the alkaline battery leaks you will be thinking, how do I clean up after an alkaline battery leaks.

Do not worry, here is how you clean up after an alkaline battery leaks. There are a lot of methods that are effective in cleaning up after an alkaline battery leaks. An acid is an important component that is needed to clean the leakage because the potassium hydroxide is a base. The two effective acids that every household own are vinegar and lemon juice.

Always remember to take safety precaution all the time, as potassium hydroxide is highly poisonous if it is consumed. Remember to wear rubber gloves and eye protection when you are cleaning the battery spill. Also remember that you should have a good ventilation in the area as well.

To clean up a small battery leaks, mix either one of the two acids, the lemon juice or vinegar with water to make the mixture to be slightly acidic. The best ratio here is 1:3 of acid to water although some people may prefer to use pure acid without mixing it with water. Soak a cloth into the solution and gently rub the messy area caused by the battery leak until the potassium hydroxide dissolves. When the potassium hydroxide dissolves clean it with a clean cloth or tissue. You can use water if you want to but since you will be cleaning an electronic device you should use water sparingly because you definitely doesn’t want to spoil your electronic device.

Do keep in mind that that you should check the batteries in your devices regularly and take out the battery if you are not going to use it for sometime. Checking and changing the batteries regularly will also prolong the life of your electronic devices.

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