How Do I Change My Home Page

Each and every computer user who browses the internet would have liked to change the webpage on their internet browser at some point of time. This is because the question how do I change my home page is very commonly asked in many internet forums by many people. It is a simple process that many people learn by themselves. There are many others who are very new to the use of computers and these people may not know the proper method of changing the home page.

Another thing that usually confuses many people and makes them not able to change the home page is the various differences that are present in the different internet browsers. There are so many browsers that are being used that sometimes these home pages change when you browse the internet. This makes it necessary for one to know the methods of changing the home page in various browsers.

There are various reasons to change a home page too. This happens when some other user modifies the web page that you have set. There can also be some malware that has caused some changes to your webpage. These malware can cause a lot of delay in the browser to open your web page that has been changed. These are some of the common reasons for a person to change the home page.

In a computer that has internet explorer as the web browser, one has to open the explorer page first and this is the first step in changing the home page. Once the home page has been opened, the person should open the tools menu. In the tools menu of the internet explorer web browser, there is an option called as the Internet options. On clicking this, the person has the options to change the home page.

The general settings tab of the internet options has to be opened. Once this is done, it can be seen that there are three sections under the general settings option. Of these three sections, the first section is one that is named as the Home page option. The home page can be changed in these three options. You have to get the URL of the home page you want to be displayed typed or pasted in this column.

Under the default tab of this option, you can set the name of the URL you want as your home page. This will make sure that you have the home page changed back to the one that you want. The procedure is very similar to almost all the web browsers and can be changed easily.

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