How Do I Change My Home Page On My Computer

The home page on your computer is the address of website that your internet browser will open when you start it. It will save your precious time if you save your home page to website that you use very often. However, it is very annoying if someone changes your web browsers’ home page without notifying you. It will be worse if your misbehaving friends change your website to an adult website without telling you and you will be in trouble if you are using the computer at home and trying to surf the internet only to open an adult website when you start the internet browser, thanks to your friend. In order to avoid this situation, you have to change your home page but you are thinking, how do I change my home page on my computer?

Changing the home page on your computer can be relatively easy if you follow the steps given in this article. In fact, you will be able to change home page on any computer you want in less than 10 seconds once you know how to change the home page on a computer. Changing home page also depends on the internet browser you use.

For Internet Explorer user, it is very simple to change your home page because of its innovative user friendly design. The first thing you should do is to open Internet Explorer and then go to the Tools Menu, which is located on top of the window. When you are in Tools Menu, select Internet Options and a new window will pop out. Choose the “General” tab and you will find “Home Page”. Now, type an URL into the block labeled as “Address” and this URL that you typed will be the address of the website that Internet Explorer will open when you launch it. Alternatively, you can click the “Use Blank” option and this will cause Internet Explorer to start with a blank page every time you launch it.

If you are using Mozilla FireFox as your internet browser, it is very similar to Internet Explorer if you want to change your home page. The first thing you do, is to open Firefox, go to the “Tools Menu” and select “Options” you will find a “General” tab and look into the first section, which is titled “Home Page”. Now, you can change your home page in the block labeled as “Location”. Click ok when you are done.

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