How Do I Change My Email Address

You may want to change that email address of yours because it may sounds childish or unprofessional and it will not give your client or employer if your email address is something like hello_kitty will spoil your image as a mature and reliable person. All of us will definitely own an old email address that is not advisable to be given out or it will tarnish our reputation. You may want to change your email address and you are thinking how do I change my email address?

There is no way u can change the name of your current email. The best way is to get a new email address and forward of your old email inbox into your new email. However, you may experience some difficulties despite the method of forwarding the emails is now being simplified by the email providers. You maybe using one of these famous email provider and now you are actually planning to change your email address.

It is best for you to forget about the old account. After all, you will be using a new email account in the future to contact people. Although it is advisable that you delete your old email account to avoid complications because some people will continue sending you emails to your old email account. If your old email account is deleted, people will not be able to send email to you because your old email account will appear as “account does not exist” and people will not be able to send new emails to you. However, the email service provider will automatically delete your email address if you have not been using it for 3 months.

There are certain things that you may want to take into account before you choose you new email account. You may want your new email account to have a good automated spam filter that will stop the junk messages from reaching your inbox. Gmail, an email client from the internet giant, Google is known to have the best spam filter compared to other free email service providers in the world.

It is advisable that after you have registered a new email account, you should send an email to all your contacts in your old email account to inform them about your new email account.

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