How Do I Become A Longshoreman?

Longshoreman Jobs: A longshoreman is a laborer who loads and unloads cargo from ships docked at a seaport, alsoknown as stevedore, dockers, dockworker, dock labourer, wharfie or just harbor workers. Longshoremen are hired by harbor workers unions or by stevedoring companies. Stevedoring companies are companies that specialize in loading and unloading ships. A person may want to know how to become a longshoreman, wants to know more about longshoreman salary or getting a job as a longshoreman.

To get a job as a longshoreman, a person must join the union. A person cannot become an official longshoreman until they have joined the union. It can take many years to get into the harbor workers union. The harbor workers unions do not have open enrollment at any time. Periodically, the unions accept new members.

While a person is waiting to get into the union, the person may be able to find work as a harbor laborer. Some resources imply that working many hours as a harbor laborer helps the person’s odds that they will be accepted into the union. When the longshoreman unions accept new members, the number of hours worked is an important factor in determining which applicants are accepted. The harbor laborer that is not a longshoreman is sometimes called a casual worker.

Finding work as a harbor worker may be possible in many of the ways that people find other types of employment. Some Internet job search websites sometimes have job opening listings for harbor or dock casual workers. If the person knows the name of the local stevedoring business, the person may want to put in an application directly with them. The American Stevedoring company periodically lists job openings on their website.

Longshoreman jobs are considered to be dangerous work. Many of the tasks of unloading and loading ships are hard labor. For many people working in the field, the draw to a career as a longshoreman is the income. Longshoremen are able to work their way up to specialized jobs of supervisory positions. Longshoremen with seniority have more control over which jobs they want to take. The common range for salary as stated in resources in seventy to one hundred fifty thousand dollars or (US$19-$55 an hour).

The longshoremen unions in the United States are the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA). The ILWU is for longshoremen in Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. The ILA is the union of longshoremen along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, the Great Lakes, and several major rivers in the United States as well as Puerto Rico and Eastern Canada.

Additional read: The word “Stevedore” originated in Portugal or Spain, and entered the English language through its use by sailors. It started as a phonetic spelling of estivador (Portuguese) or estibador (Spanish), meaning a man who stuffs, here in the sense of a man who loads ships, which was the original meaning of stevedore; compare Latin stīpāre meaning to stuff, as in to fill with stuffing. In the United Kingdom, men who load and unload ships are usually called dockers, while in the United States and Canada the term longshoreman, derived from man-along-the-shore, is used.

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