How Do Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids are small devices that are used by people who have hearing impairment so that they can enhance their hearing. These devices are very small and are light too. The hearing aids were not always of the small size. There was a time when they were produced when the hearing aid was bigger and had to be in line with the sound so that it could be amplified and be heard by the person using the hearing aid. They used to work by amplifying the sounds, but that was not the only work the hearing aids did. So a person with hearing impairment may like to know how do hearing aids work.

There are basically two types of hearing aids and though they work on similar principles, they are different as they do not use the same technology. This is the reason for the difference in the cost of these hearing aids and also the quality of the sound heard by the person using the hearing aid. One of these is the analog type of the hearing aid. This works on the principle of converting the sound waves into electrical signals that are read by the circuit and amplified.

The other type of hearing aid which is the digital type of hearing aid mainly converts the sound waves that it picks up from the surroundings to digital signals. These digital signals are in binary forms which are 0 and 1.

Once the signals are picked up through the microphones and then converted to either digital or electrical signals depending on the type of the hearing aid, the next thing that happens is that the signals that were picked up by the hearing aid is amplified. When the signals are amplified, the sounds are also amplified. The amount of amplification can be pre set by the audiologist or it can be controlled by various knobs by the person using the hearing aid.

The sound that is amplified is then passed on to the ear of the person using the hearing aid back in the form of whatever was heard. This is because the circuit has various methods of converting the digital and electric waves back into the form of words and speech.

This is the basic principle in which the hearing aid works and has come a long way from the days that they were large and noisy. In the days to come the making and working of the hearing aid will go through more transformations.

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