How Do Contact Lenses Work

Contact lens has made peoples life very easy. There are many benefits of a contact lens because they reduce or even eliminate the need to wear glasses. Many people think glasses reduce their aesthetic appearance and having a contact lens is a big plus for them. Contact lens helps to correct the vision and also makes the person wearing it more comfortable. It reduces the chance of the person breaking the glasses and going without vision till the glasses are repaired. These are the reasons for using a contact lens, so how do contact lenses work that they eliminate the need for glasses?

Contact lens has to correct the vision of the individual using the lens and at the same time, it should stay on the person’s eye when it is used and the individual should be able to remove it at times too. So the first thing that is necessary is that the contact lens should be flexible. After the lens is put inside the eye as it is flexible, when there is irritation, then drops are added to lubricate it. The tears produced by the eye also help to lubricate the lens.

The first thing that has to be done is to have a eye check up done to check the vision and when it has been confirmed to have a vision defect, the ophthalmologist prescribes a vision correction and the contact lens that is according to the prescription is made and supplied to the individual. The prescription details the amount of correction needed for the vision of the individual and when the contact lens is made according to specification, it is sure to rectify the vision in the individual.

The contact lens that has been made to correct the specific vision problem is then bent and put over the cornea of the eye, if it is a flexible lens. Once the contact lens has been put on the cornea of the eye, it acts just like the glasses that the individual was wearing by correcting the vision. These contact lenses capture the light from the image that is being viewed and then transmits them onto the eye by changing the properties according to the make of the contact lens. The contact lens of a short sighted person and a far sighted person work differently, but according to the same principles.

The light that was sent by the lens into the eye is transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain and a vision is formed as the impulses come back. Thus a contact lens acts as a corrective aid in making the vision clear to the individual.

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