How Do Cats Purr

Cats are a very important part of many households. This is because these docile animals are petted and pampered in many houses as pets. The second most common animal that is kept as pet are cats. These animals are very quiet and soft. Every person who has a cat as pet loves them, right from a very young child to a very old person. Every person who has a cat as pet would have heard the cats purring and would have wondered more than once as to how do cats purr.

Many cats are seen purring and these sounds appear as a soft sound compared to the other sounds that the cats make. The purring sound is usually a sign that the cat is very happy and also relaxed. The cats seldom purr when they are alert or when they sense danger. They purr only when they are happy and also contented with what is happening.

Cats and even kittens are seen to purr quite often. The kittens purr when they are suckling and the mothers also purr at the same time. This is the mode of communication between the cat and the kitten. It makes a person to realize that cats usually purr when they are happy. Many of us have noticed that cats purr when they see their master after a long time.

Cats also purr when they are in pain. This can be identified because cats that are sick and are even dying have been seen to purr. This sign of pain is a very soft purr because the cat may not even have the strength to purr. The main reason for the purring is the release of certain chemicals called as endorphins from the brain when the cat is either in a happy mood or even when the cat is in agony.

The cats purr by a mechanism that is really not well known. The fact that people have wondered on the mechanism of purring is a sign that people want to know how it is done by the cats. The mechanism used by the cats is very similar to the sound produced by human being when we talk. The air is made to pass through the vocal chords very mildly and this vibration that results from the air passing over the vocal chords makes the purring sound. The sound is produced by the cat voluntarily when it needs to.

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