How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Still A Virgin

You have a huge crush on this cute girl in school, college, or work. You told your best friend that you have a crush on her and ask for his/her help to find out more information about your crush so that you will know how to ask her out. Your friend come back with a devastating story, telling you that the girl used to date a lot of guys before and she may not be a virgin. Despites that, you believe your own gut feeling that she is not that type of girl and your friend got a wrong information, you believe that she is still a virgin but how can you tell if a girl is still a virgin?

A girl is declared as a virgin when she has never got into sexual intercourse with a male. When a male’s penis penetrates the girl’s vagina and they got engaged into sexual intercourse, the girl will lose her virginity. In a scientific term, a girl’s vagina have a hymen, where when a virgin female have sexual intercourse for the first time, the penetration of the penis will torn the girl’s hymen. Once the hymen is torn, the girl is no longer a virgin.

Virginity check can also be tested in a gynaecologist’s clinic, a gynaecologist is a term for a doctor who specializes in human reproduction system and mostly vagina. However, you will not want to try this as the girl may take it as an insult when you told her or even brought up the topic of going to gynaecologist. She may just slap you and will never talk to you again.

However, if the girl is very active in sports or dancing there is a high chance that her hymen has been broken although she have never got engage into a sexual intercourse before. This is because the hymen can be torn if a girl has been doing sports for years. Some girls use tampons instead of the menstrual pad during their menstruation period. Tampons despite soft because it is made of cotton, can also cause the hymen to torn for girls.

Finally, it does not matter if a girl is a virgin or not. Being together with someone is not merely because of sex, it is because of the feeling of adoring, admiring and be together with the person you love.

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