How Can You Protect Yourself From Malicious Software

You can protect yourself from malicious software by running tools to detect the harmful application. Malicious software can gain access to your computer through corrupted external drives or while you are surfing or downloading from the internet. Malicious software includes viruses, worms, trojans and spyware and can do serious harm to your program. It’s best to use tools to protect your computer from them.

Malicious software is written for purposes of installation of computers without the consent of users. They have the ability to stay concealed and could slow down your computer incredibly. Virus and worms can affect other software on your computer and cause damage. Spyware are designed to collect and send private information out of your computer to other sites and the purpose of adware is to display unwanted pop-up advertisements. To prevent your computer from all the possible software, you might have to use a combination of tools, and several lines of defense.

Before downloading or opening any file, it is advisable to scan it with antivirus software which is readily available in the market these days. Antivirus software offer email spyware protection and screen your computer from virus and worms. However, if a virus or worm is already installed, antivirus tools can be used to delete, quarantine or repair infected files from further harming your computer. It is advisable to use an updated version of whatever tool you are using. Also, it is helpful to scan your computer on a routine basis to continue checking for malicious software.

Along with using antivirus software, another line of defense is using a firewall on your computer. A firewall blocks unauthorized access to your computer and you have more control while surfing. Depending on your specific requirement and usage, you might have to choose a software or hardware firewall suitable for you.

Another way to protect you from this software is to try switching to a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc, other than Internet Explorer as IE, being the most common browser is more often targeted by malicious software than other browsers. It is also important while switching to get the right antivirus (protection) tool designed for the browser you are using.

Because of the continuous increase in the different types of malicious software, the antivirus tools on your computer need to be regularly updated. There is also some fake antivirus software on the internet that you need to be cautious about.

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