How Can Smoking Destroy Your Lungs

Smoking is a dangerous habit. There are many ways in which smoking can affect a person. The most important effects include those on the person’s respiratory system. This is because the smoke enters the body through this system. Other than the respiratory system, the smoking also causes damage to the various other parts of the body including the circulatory system by affecting the heart and causing heart attacks. The most common effect is on the lungs and in fact the smoking can even destroy the lungs. So how can smoking destroy your lungs? There are actually many direct and indirect ways in which the lungs can be destroyed.

There are many diseases too that can be caused by smoking. The most common disease is the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease where the disease causes damage to the lung tissue and the end stage disease can also occur where the smoking causes fatal damage to the lungs. The worst disease though is the lung cancer. The cancer affects the esophagus, mouth and even the lungs. Lung cancer is usually fatal as the smoke can affect various parts of the lungs.

The first way in which the smoking affects the lung is that the cilia which line the airway through which the air enters the lungs. The smoke also enters the lung in the same path. When the smoke enters again and again, the smoke causes the cilia to function more because of the dust and other particles that enter the airway. The cilia slowly are unable to function because they keep being clogged by the mucus that are produced in excess because of the smoke.

The other thing that happens is that the alveoli in the lungs are spoilt. The alveoli are small pockets into which the air enters and the lungs expand because of the expansion of the alveoli. As the smoking causes excess mucus to be produced, the person who smokes can have the alveoli being filled with the mucus and the alveoli stop functioning because they are unable to expand when air enters as the alveoli is filled with mucus. As the lungs cannot expand, the air entry is reduced and the patients breathing become ineffective and the person may even die due to lack of oxygen.

This is the damage that occurs in the lungs and the person may even die if the smoking is not stopped. At the same time, when the smoking is stopped, the person can have the process of lung damage stopped.

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