How Can I Trace My Stolen Cell Phone?

With people carrying their cell phones with them everywhere they go, it is not uncommon for cell phones to become lost or stolen. Cell phones can be expensive to replace. A lost cell phone can expose personal information stored on the cell phone. If someone suspects that the cell phone was stolen, the person may want to know how can I trace my stolen cell phone.

First, the person must decide if tracing the stolen cell phone or disconnecting cell phone service to prevent the thief from using the cell phone is more important. Once the cell phone service is disconnected, there are fewer options for tracing the location of a stolen cell phone.

Advanced planning can help prevent serious consequences from a stolen cell phone and provide peace of mind in that situation. At a time when many are concerned about identity theft, some security companies have developed that specialize in protecting data on lost cell phones.

One security service called Mbience Security Suite will lock the personal information on the cell phone at the cell phone user’s request if the cell phone is lost or stolen. This security service will also report the loss of credit card information to the credit card company if credit card information was stored on the cell phone.

If the MobiWee has been installed on the stolen Windows mobile phone, iPhone, or Android, MobiWee can be used to track and disconnect service to the stolen phone. MobiWee can also block the personal information stored on the phone. The MobiWee uses GPS and Google maps to show the location of the lost or stolen cell phone.

If the person is able to see the calls made from the stolen cell phone, the calls may provide a clue to law enforcement or the individual as to whom may have taken the phone. In one case, the cell phone owner saw that the stolen cell phone was used to call a local pizza delivery restaurant. After providing this information to the police, the police were able to get the delivery address from the pizza restaurant.

If the person thinks the cell phone might be lost nearby and the phone is on, the person may call the cell phone from another phone. If the person does not have access to another phone, he can use a website that will ring the phone to help the cell phone user find it. is an example of a website that will ring a lost cell phone.

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