How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Pregnant Without A Vet

Telling if a dog is pregnant needs some knowledge of dogs. There are a lot of people who breed dogs professionally and these people have adequate knowledge about their dogs’ pregnancy and know when to expect the dog to deliver and give adequate care. There are people who are not professionals in dog breeding, but have dogs at home as pets. When these dogs get pregnant, the owner of the dog should know about it so that they can take adequate care of the dog. The owner of the dog may have a question in mind and that will be how can i tell if my dog is pregnant without a vet. This is because, you cannot keep taking your dog to a vet just to know if the dog is pregnant as you can identify it yourself easily.

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The owner should know when the dog was last in heat and if they know, then they should also know if the dog was mated in the recent past. Usually the pregnancy period of the dogs last for anywhere between two months to a little over two months. So if the dog was mated in the last two months when your dog was in heat, then your dog may be pregnant.

The dog that is pregnant is usually very subdued than before. The dog that was very active may become a little quieter and also there may be other changes like the dog may sleep more often than the time before. The dog may also not want to be touched by anyone. This is also considered to be another sign of pregnancy.

The food intake also changes when the dog is pregnant. If you usually feed a regular amount to the dog each day, you may notice that your dog is not completing her food as she used to and this is another sign that the dog is pregnant. At the same time, the dog may drink more water than she normally used to as this is also a sign of pregnancy. The same dog as she completes her pregnancy may eat more. These are some of the signs of a dog’s pregnancy.

Another easy method to identify if a dog is pregnant is to look at the size of the abdomen. The abdomen of a dog that is pregnant will be larger and late in the pregnancy you can even feel the movements of the puppies. The nipples of the dog can also be a method of identifying the presence of pregnancy because the nipples of a pregnant dog will be larger and even secrete some fluid.

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