How Can I See My House Using A Satellite Online?

One unique feature of the Internet is the ability to see a house from the bird’s eye view perspective. A person is able to see a home from a satellite which shows the property as if the person is looking down on the area from space. A person may want to know how can I see my house using a satellite online?

Some of the large search engines provide this service with their “maps” features. Bing, Yahoo, and Google are among the search engines that have maps features that can show a satellite or bird’s eye view of a house. From the homepage of any of these, select “maps” and type in the address. The bird’s eye view is typically closer or zoomed in compared to the original result of the search.

Some search engines provide illustrated pictures of the area first and not a satellite photograph. The user has the option of selecting to see a satellite photograph. For example, after entering an address on Google maps, the person can click “Satellite” to view of satellite photograph of the area. The user can then voom in and shift the photograph in different directions. The amount that the photograph can be zoomed in can vary among locations and search engines used.

Another option for seeing satellite pictures of a house is to download software that performs this task. Some versions of this software is available for free as freeware. The software programs often offer more flexibility than the search engine maps features. A software program may allow a person to get satellite photographs of various areas of Earth and is not restricted by typing in an address.

Some websites other than search engines feature searchable satellite images. In many cases, the person may enter their address to see a satellite image of a house. Some of these websites allow the person to zoom in to see closer, more detailed satellite images. Other websites only have one satellite view available.

Though these images are called satellite images or satellite photographs, the pictures are not necessarily from a satellite. Many search engines and satellite image programs use aerial photography. Aerial photography is taking photographs from an airplane or helicopter.

This accounts for why the satellite images are not and cannot be real time images. For example, people may search for their homes and see a “satellite” photograph that has a car in their driveway that they don’t recognize. This could be because the photograph might have been taken before they lived there.

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