How Can I Register A Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your website and it can end with .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and so much more. The website will be important if everybody remembers it and search engine are able to find it. It is also depends on what website you want to make. Majority of the companies will use .com and .net as the ending of their domain name. However, that should not limit your creativity. For example if you are selling television or television repairing service, you can use .tv and if you want to have a better image of you company you can also you .biz. Some domain names like .edu and .gov are restricted to specific organizations.

Before registering your domain name, it is better that you choose a name. However, don’t limit yourself to only one domain name, try to think of a few and write them on a list of paper. This is to avoid frustration for your self as there are more than ten millions of registered domain names. A very high chance that your first choice name has been taken by someone else so if you have a list you can at least try on the other website name.

Last time, individuals and business owner have to register domain names with the registry service of Network Solutions and then they will only be able to transfer the hosting rights to a hosting provider. However, in today’s world you can register your domain name with the web hosting company. There is an option for you to register your domain name and allow you to register it directly. The hosting company is also able to notify you when the domain name is active and will warn you when it is time for you to renew the domain name.

Those well-known hosting company can also host your domain name other than allowing you to register. You can register your domain name with the same company and host it with the same company as well, talking about simplicity. However, a few businesses are big enough that they can host their own website by building their own server, which is handled by their own IT personnel. Although all there are hundreds of company that are legally qualified to register a domain name for you, there are some who have reliability issue. Don’t be tricked into a low price they offer, stick with the proven and reliable domain name registrants.

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