How Can I Monitor My Laptop Temperature – Laptop Temp Monitor

Laptop Temp Monitor – Computers are electrical machine that are powered by electric. As we all know that energy will always be converted, in this case of computer or laptop heat energy will be released along when you are using your computer or laptop. A personal computer at home or better known as desktop have a lot of fans to keep the temperature of computer and the parts cool because if the computer parts are overheated, it will spoil the computer. Laptop on the other hand does not enough room for a lot of fans as to make it compact and mobile. In fact, the space in laptop is tight and the airflow is really tight. You will need to monitor your laptop temperature and cannot afford to let it overheat but how can I monitor my laptop temperature?

When your laptop starts having problem, automatically reboot, keeps on hanging and the speed starts to deteriorate. The first thing you will need to check is the temperature of your laptop.

Most of the laptops in the market comes with the pre-installed temperature sensor on the CPU and the hard drive. For some people who do not have the temperature sensor in their computer, can always search the internet and look for a free software that reports the temperature of the computer. The famous two free laptop temp monitor checking software’s are Core Temp and MobileMeter.

Core Temp is a small software that have one of the most accurate program that tells you the temperature of each core simultaneously. Each of the temperate of the core will be displayed on the tray bar.

While MobileMeter is a system that monitors CPU temperature, CPU clock, battery charge/discharge rate, and also the temperature of your hard drive because if the hard drive is over heated it will crash and cause you to lose all your precious files in your hard drive.

It is important to maintain a suitable temperature for your laptop to increase the lifespan. Cooling pads that are equipped with fans will increase the airflow under the computer. Remember to pay close attention to the causes of the rise in the temperature, monitor the room temperature and you will be surprised how much of this little things can improve the performance of your computer.

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