How Can I Make Myself Dilate Faster

If you are asking, “how to dilate faster”, “how to dilate faster before labor”, “how to make dialation fast in pregnancy” or “how to dilate faster during pregnancy”, then this is the article for you. Labor is a very difficult and painful process for almost all mothers. The joy that they have after the birth of the child is more than the pain and this is the reason for mothers going through pregnancy with joy and satisfaction. At the same time, during the end of pregnancy when the child is about to be born, the pain is so intense that the mothers sometimes like to have a cervix that is dilated. So many mothers will be wondering as to how can I make myself dilate faster. This is because if they dilate themselves, the process of labor can be a little easier.

There are many natural as well as medical methods of getting the cervix dilated. The natural methods may have certain side effects if they have not been proven methods. At the same time, medical methods too can have certain complications and risks associated with the process of dilation. If you want to dilate yourself, it is always good to choose a method that is proven to be safe and also effective.

The best natural methods of dilating yourself are to go for a walk, have sexual intercourse, use oils or acupressure. When you go for a walk, you will be able to dilate yourself because of the weight of the baby pressing on the cervix. This is true only when the mother is full term. The weight of the baby will assist in dilating the cervix faster.

When the mother has sexual intercourse, it causes the release of certain hormones that will help to dilate the cervix faster. Even nipple stimulation can be done to have the same effect and result. This is because most mothers will not be comfortable to have intercourse especially when they are full term.

Acupressure is another safe method of inducing pregnancy. A professional will be able to cause adequate pressure over certain points that can cause dilation of the cervix and also induce labor. Certain oils can also be used to dilate the cervix. A common oil that is used is castor oil, but it can also cause diarrhea so one should be careful while administering castor oil to dilate the cervix quickly.

The most common medical method that is used to dilate the cervix medically is to induce the patient with drugs like prostaglandin and pitocin that can help to dilate the cervix faster. These are the various methods that can be used by the pregnant woman to make herself dilate faster.

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