How Can I Give My Dog Aspirin For Pain

There are many ways in which dogs can injure themselves. They may bang themselves against some object or they may injure themselves in many other ways. There are many dogs that have arthritic pain that is secondary to these injuries. Arthritis can also develop on its own in many dogs, usually as they get older. The dogs can also have many other kinds of pain and the pet owners who have these kinds of dogs which have pain have one common question. This question is How Can I Give my dog aspirin for pain. The answer for this has to be decided based on certain facts.

Usually aspiring is given to dogs when they suffer from pain in their joints due to arthritis. The pain can be identified by the limping in the dogs. Can dogs take aspirin if they have pain is a question that needs a lot of careful thought because there are certain side effects of consuming aspirin in even human beings. This makes people to be very careful and they give this drug to their dogs only after it is prescribed by a veterinarian or based on the following facts

1. The age of the dog: The dog that is very small cannot be given aspiring because it will cause toxicity and can kill the dog. As the dog grows older, the weight of the dog can also play a role in the decision to give aspirin to the dog.

2. The size of the dog: The size of the dog is also an important factor in deciding if aspirin can be given when the dog suffers from pain. This is because the smaller the size of the dog, the more difficult it is for the dog to have no complications. A bigger dog may not have many complications if aspirin is given in small doses.

3. The complications: There are times when a small dose of aspirin is given to the dog when it suffers from pain, but when the dog suffers from certain complications due to the intake of aspirin that is usually bleeding, then the aspiring has to be stopped immediately and some other alternative drug given to relieve the pain.

Though aspirin can be given to dogs, all the factors mentioned here should be kept in mind and the drug should not be administered in case of any complications. The availability of various alternatives to aspirin is another great help for dog lovers and veterinarians.

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