How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Married

Finding the right spouse is a tough task nowadays and you can never be sure that your new love is being honest with you? So how can I find out if someone is married?

Well, the first obvious method is to ask the person him/herself. Of course the person might not say the truth, so you can try the various methods I am about to tell you.

You could hire a private investigator or get one of your friends to do some spy work. Follow on the leads from his workplace, his home and perhaps his mates. This method might be a bit too invasive and if he or she catch you doing investigative work on him/her, that would probably be the end of your relationship.

So another method would be, to go check on the internet, checking thru the marriage records (USA). The database is the same one which is used by law enforcers for many years, now it is open to the public, thanks to technological advancements of the internet.

So now you do not need to leave your home and pay a hefty sum of money to private investigators. No excuses now to how you can find out if someone is married. Better be sure than sorry. You may want to check their credit ratings and if they are in huge debts or are they bankrupted before you want to commit yourself into a marriage later on.

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