How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Legally Married

Marriage License Search: You are here because you may be asking questions like: Is he married? How do I find if someone is married? How can I find if someone is married? How to check if someone is married? If you are looking to do a marriage license search to find marriage license records of your future partner, you are at the right place.

There are a few ways to find out if someone is married. Finding out if someone is married is important especially if you are in a new relationship. Though this information should be available during dating, sometimes people are not willing to talk about it openly. They might be in an unwanted relationship and still labeled legally married. Or might be going through a painful separation and not ready to discuss it. Whatever the scenario, if you feel compelled to know about their legal marital status, here are some ways to do that.

If you have information like the first and last name, date of birth and information like the driver’s license number, it is easy to look up public records and find out if the person is legally married. However, this method requires more detailed information about the person.

Some websites provide this information for a fee. Usually these websites are used for background checks by employers. The more information you have, the easier it is to extract this information. Other than the legal married status, these website also give you information like the previous address, jobs, and so on.

Another way is by using the marriage record search, using the person’s phone number. This works only if the phone number has been listed in the directory. Usually names of spouses are listed together but if it is not then this method might not work.

If you are really eager want to make sure you get an accurate answer, you can hire a detective agency to do the job for you. This method is fairly expensive but worth it if it gives you peace of mind. You might not need to give the agency a whole lot of information; after all, it’s their job to investigate.

Online dating is popular these days and it is very easy to hold information when you don’t meet a person face to face. Before seriously committing online, it is important that you find out whether the person is already married. Be alert, and look for signs. If nothing works it is always a good idea to ask directly. Sometimes, you can save yourself a lot of headache by asking your questions directly. The person might be involved in a complicated situation but still be legally married, and talking frankly with the person will help to clarify your doubts and might relieve the person too.

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