How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Dead

Death is a great leveler and causes a lot of pain and sorrow in many families. As friends or relatives who have not contacted each other, we sometimes wonder as to how can I find out if someone is dead without asking questions to too many people. It is a disturbing thought when you ask if a person is dead and the person is alive and gets to know that you have been enquiring if the person is dead. It is equally disturbing to ask about a dead person to the friends or relatives.

It would of course be a great idea if you know how you can find out if someone is dead. There are actually many discreet methods of finding out if a person is deceased or still alive. One of the simplest methods is to ask a mutual friend who you are sure will know about the person in question. This mutual friend should be a dependable person who will not blow the whistle on you.

If you live in a country where social security is present, then it will be easy to get the details of an individual if you know about the person. The details can be got from specific government offices or websites that will have the specific details of the individual question as to whether the person is alive or not.

Another important but equally discreet method of finding if a person is alive or dead is to try and search on the internet. These days with the advancement of technology, there is a great chance that you will be able to learn about the existence of the person or you might learn that the person in question has passed away.

Public records are a useful; method of checking if the person is alive or dead. You can even try to search the genealogy sites for any information on the person in question. Another method that may not be very discreet can be used, especially if you are desperately in search of the individual and need to find out if the person is alive or dead. You can visit the locality of the person where you knew the person lived last. Then you can question the people nearby as to where the individual you want to know about is. Though this may not be very discreet, it is very effective in finding out if a person is dead.

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