How Can I Burn Cds Without Paying Anything

It is amazing how much the technology has improved over the years. The advancement in the technology has also affected a lot of industries. Twenty years ago, music comes in the form of a cassette that can only store a maximum of 20 songs on both sides. Same goes to movie industries. It comes in a huge VCR tape that are big and in the size of a book. The same situation also occurs in the computer software industry. Your data comes in a big floppy disk and it is really hard to get your data or software around.

That is the situation of 20 years ago. Things have changed now. Your favorite artist’s latest album doesn’t come in the form of a cassette anymore. They now come in the form of a compact disc or more famously known as the abbreviation, cd. How about your favorite movies? They no longer comes in huge VCR tape anymore. They too come in a form of a cd. How about your software? They too now, comes in a form of a cd.

Most of the computer be it a desktop or a laptop, they usually come with pre-installed cd/dvd burner. The difference between cd and dvd is that dvd have a bigger storage capacity compared to the cd, therefore if a movie comes in the form of a dvd are usually have higher resolution and have sharper pictures.

When you are planning to burn your data, your files, pictures and homemade video into the cd, it is always free if you have the burner pre-installed in your computer. If you do not have a burner pre-installed to your computer, you will have to purchase it and install it yourself. You are free to burn anything that belongs to you into the cd. You will need a software to run the burner. The software for the burner is usually already installed in your computer when you bought it if your computer have a burner preinstalled in it. Other alternative way, you can google for free burner software. With this way, you will be able to burn cds without paying anything.

However, if you planning to make copies of the new album that you have just purchased from the store and give it to your friend, it is illegal because you have breach copyright infringement.

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