How Can I Block Someone From Calling Me?

You may be bothered by phone calls from people from whom you don’t care to receive phone calls. A person may receive annoying phone calls from people who are no longer friends or people who try to force a relationship. No matter what the reason, there may come a time when people may ask about how to block someone from calling them.

Before blocking a phone number, the person may want to try being assertive and telling the person not to call any more. Though this may work in many cases, it doesn’t always work. Some people do not respond well to rejection. They may ignore the person’s request to stop calling or contact the person in other ways.

For landlines, Verizon has a call block feature. Other phone service providers may provide this service as well. The call block feature only works if the person is also calling from a landline. Each Verizon customer is limited to blocking up to six or twelve callers. To activate call block, the person should dial *60 and follow the voice-recorded instructions. To turn off call blocking, the person needs to dial *80.

If the person is calling a cell phone, there are limited options for blocking calls to cell phones. One solution is the set that person’s personal ringtone to silence. That way, even though they may continue to call, it is not as bothersome.

Some cell phones do have a call block feature. Since cell phone functions vary, the person wanting to block a caller needs to either check the user’s manual for instruction on doing so or call the phone company for assistance. Many times, the cellular phone company will suggest changing phone numbers, but many people are extremely hesitant to do so since it can be quite a problem to tell everyone that the phone number has changed and update contact numbers for work or business cards.

To block text messages, some cellular phone service providers allow users to block texts from specific phone numbers. To do so, the person often has to log into their account management page and select “Preferences” or “Text Messaging.” Then, the user is able to add phone numbers from which future text messages will be blocked. The process may be different for different cell phone companies. If the person needs help using this feature or locating where to block numbers, the person should contact their cell phone company and ask for instructions on blocking text messages.

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