How Are Mallorca Pearls Made

Mallorca pearls are not the natural pearl that comes for the natural producer, the pearl oyster. It is instead a man made pearl. It got the name from a Spanish island, Majorca which is located in the Mediterranean a few centuries ago. Many people who have seen Mallorca pearls could not believe that it is actually man made pearl due to its high resemblance to the real pearl. You maybe wondering now how are mallorca pearls made that it can look so much similar like the real pearl you found in an oyster.

However, there are some aspects and factors that differentiate mallorca pearls from the normal pearls. Mallorca pearls are known as the man-made pearls, which is made in the factory under strict controls and regulation of the manufacturing process. Unlike oyster pearls that grow in nature with frequent irregularities that are uncontrolled by man, mallorca pearls’ growth and size are under controlled by the factory.

In the nature, oyster takes few years and sometimes decades to produce a sizeable pearl and out of it only 5% are the gem of the quality pearls. However, it takes only several weeks to produce a mallorca pearl that looks and have the same texture as the 5% of the quality pearls that are produced by oyster in a few years. Mallorca pearls also looks like every single pearls that are made in that particular factory, it is perfectly matched and round shaped, where as in the nature there will not be two oyster pearls that look alike because oyster pearl’s peculiarity stems from its certain blemish which is just like a fingerprint in human.

Mallorca pearls are made from a solid glass ball coated with a special paste. Firstly, the pearls begin from a dull class of density with specific weight similar to that of the fine pearls. These glass balls will then dipped into a special liquid that called hemage an adhesive paste made from oil, ground up fish scales and a powder from grounded pearls. After the glass ball is being coated with paste, it is then dried and polished into perfection.

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