How Are Fireworks Made

There will be the beautiful sparks in the sky on the night before New Year, those fireworks will attract thousands people to look up to the sky and watch those beautiful and colorful sparks. New year celebration will not be complete without the fireworks display in the sky but exactly, how are fireworks made? Where millions of people around the world will gather around and look up to the sky to gaze the beautiful mark of a celebration, fireworks has become a trend, a culture and something we must have if there is a celebration.

Fireworks are made from a low explosive pyrotechnic device, which is only use for entertainment purposes. Fireworks display or event also known as pyrotechnics is a display of the beautiful effects produced by fireworks. Fireworks usually contain for important elements, noise, light, smoke and also floating materials. A coloring will be added into the explosive in order to produce the colored flames and sparks. There are several fireworks competition which is help regularly at many place around the world. Fireworks displays are common during cultural and religious celebrations around the world and also as a mark for a historical event.


First invented in ancient China in the 12 century by accident, when the Chinese invented the gunpowder. Since then, it has become part of the Chinese culture. Important events such as Chinese new year and the mid-autumn moon festival is the times where fireworks display will be performed, it is believed that the performance of fireworks will scare away the evil spirits with its bright light and loud noises. Up until today, China is still the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world.

The most common type of firework are the one that is shot into the air and burst in sky providing a bright fireworks performance. Fireworks are usually made from a paper or pasteboard tube or casing that are filled with the combustible material. The safest, commonly used combustible materials are the pyrotechnic stars. A few number of tubes or cases will be combined to make a great variety of sparkling shapes and with the additional color, the end product of the fireworks will be the one that we usually see in a fireworks display.

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