Are There Any Main Causes Of Cancer

Cancer is the number one killer in the United States and everywhere in the world. It is also the most feared sickness as there is no cure for cancer yet despite the great advancement of technology in the medical industry. All you can do is to prevent it. However, how are you going to prevent cancer if you do not know the cause of the cancer. Are there any main causes of cancer? This article will give you an insight of it.

There are several main causes of cancer. One of it is aging. Aging is natural and will occur to all the human beings. It is the result of the oxidants produce by-products of normal metabolism. Some of the oxidants are the same mutagens, which is produced due to radiation and will cause damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids. The DNA in human receives on average about 10,000 of oxidative lesions per day. Although human’s body natural enzyme will constantly remove this damage, they do not keep up. The older you get, the more oxidative lesions you receive and your enzyme will get weaker. The damaged DNA will turn into cancer cells.

Aging also tells you that your body parts are wearing out. Our body is like the car machine. If we do not take care of it, it will turn into a junk metal in just a matter of time. Same goes to our body, we need to feed the body with the right nutrients. Too much fat and not enough of vegetables, fiber, fruits and calcium, also food that contains high antioxidants which is known to fight disease will cause our body to be fragile into cancer attack. Lack of nutrients is one of the main contributors to cancer.

Too little exercise will increase the risk for cancer. Being overweight only makes your body to produce many hormones that cause cancer cells to grow. The cancer cells will feed on the unhealthy fat of the body. Most people, as they age tends to put on weight and reduce their physical activity. This makes them prone to cancer.

Cigarette contains a high amount of oxidants. It is widely known that smoking will cause lung cancer but they do not realize that it will cause other type of cancer as well. Cancer cells have a head start in the blood cells of a smoker comparer to the non-smoker.

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