Are Shingles Contagious – Is Shingles Contagious

Yes, you can catch chickenpox from someone with shingles if you are a children or adult who have not had chickenpox. Are shingles contagious? Yes shingles is contagious, but it gives you chicken pox rather than shingles itself. Once infected by shingles, however, people have the potential to develop shingles later in life.

shingles contagiousThe infection (passed from someone with shingles) can be serious for certain groups of people with poorer immune system. The varicella-zoster virus cannot be spread to another person with a normal immune system who has already had chickenpox though.

Shingles contagious period – When is shingles no longer contagious?

Until the shingles blisters scab over, avoid physical contact with:

i) Anyone who’s never had chickenpox
ii) Anyone who has a weak immune system
iii) Newborns and very young infants
iv) Pregnant women (A chickenpox infection can be fatal for the developing foetus.)

Have a look at some shingles pictures.

What are shingles? Symptoms of shingles virus? What does shingles look like?

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